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Nordisk Perlite ApS

HillerØd, Denmark

Nordisk Perlite produces expanded Perlite and filter aid in Denmark. Nordisk Perlite is the only Perlite company in Scandinavia, but deliveries great solutions around the World.

Nordisk Perlite is a really flexible and innovative company. The main issues are to produce high-quality products, and to find a solution that fits with our customers' needs.

Products & Services

Nordisk Perlite produces Perlite for many uses; Filtration, Insulation, Horticultural, Fillers, Construction, Cryogenic, Pipe- and Board isolation, and a handful of other industries, which you can get more information about on the web page: www.perlite.dk


Nordisk Perlite


  • Name of Contact: Niels Knudsen
  • Physical Address: Hammersholt Erhvervspark 1-5, 3400 Hillerød,Denmark
  • Telephone Number: +45 48140722
  • Fax Number: +45 48140788
  • email: nordisk@perlite.dk
  • website: www.perlite.dk