USG Ultralight Joint Compound

Perlite is a key component in USG’s new lightweight joint compound, the lightest-weight ready-mixed joint compound available today.

USG Durock

Achieving a 25% lighter weight for USG’s cement board would not have been possible without the use of perlite.

USG Ceiling Panels

Sound performance, abuse resistance and lighter weight are among the benefits perlite helps USG’s ceiling panels deliver.

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USG Corporation

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From inventing Sheetrock® Brand products, to creating the first fire-resistant wallboard, to revolutionizing skyscraper construction with the introduction of the shaft wall system, USG has a century-long history of building product innovation.

USG understands how important sourcing the right materials is to developing the highest-performing products. Used by USG for decades to reduce weight while maintaining integrity, perlite touches nearly every part of the company’s portfolio, from ceilings to walls to flooring.

The use of perlite resulted in a 25-40% weight reduction in USG products such as SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLightweight All Purpose Joint Compound and DUROCK® Cement Board Next Gen without sacrificing performance qualities their customers trust. These lightweight building materials have improved productivity for contractors and remodelers across North America.

Thanks in part to the use of perlite, USG Corporation continues its commitment to helping our customers do their jobs better as the Leader in Lightweight Innovation™.

But it’s not only about making products lighter weight. It’s about delivering the key performance attributes that USG’s customers need to be successful. Perlite is a crucial component in high-performing ceiling panels such as Radar™ High NRC-High CAC Acoustical Ceiling Panels and Olympia™ Micro™ ClimaPlus™ Panels that deliver upon a multitude of performance qualities including sound performance and abuse resistance.

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