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Bublon GmbH

Gleisdorf, Styria Austria

Bublon GmbH is a leading supplier of high-tech expansion equipment for the production of high-performance perlite spheres as well as for vermiculite and other fine-grained industrial minerals.

Bublon’s customers benefit from Binder+Co group’s experience of over 120 years.


BUBLON / BUBLITE Expansion Technologies
Bublon GmbH offers expansion systems as turn-key plants covering the core system for thermal processing and/or up- and down-stream process equipment. The versatile thermal expansion process allows the production of perlite spheres with regular well-rounded shapes and a smooth sealed surface as well as superior mechanical strength and reduced water absorption.

BUBLON / BUBLITE Lightweight Granulates

Bublon’s perlite spheres come in a wide range of densities and particle sizes (BUBLON d50 > 100 microns, BUBLITE d50 < 100 microns) allowing the individual adaption to almost any application. e.g. in construction materials, plastics, paints & coatings as well as in personal care products. As a service, Bublon supplies perlite spheres on a small or large scale for market tests or production ramp-up.



  • Contact: Dr. Michael Wimmer
  • Mailing Address: Grazer Strasse 19-25 Gleisdorf Styria Austria 82000
  • Telephone Number: +43 3112 20562 408
  • Fax Number: +43 3112 20562-430
  • Email: michael.wimmer@bublon.at
  • Website: www.bublon.at