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Sun Gro Horticulture Canada, Ltd.

Quincy, Michigan USA

Sun Gro is North America's largest producer of horticultural-grade peat and perlite growing mixes, with a deep commitment to sustainable practices.  Sun Gro brands include Sunshine, Metro Mix, Black Gold, Nature's, Sunshine Advanced and Fafard. 
Sunshine Premium Grade Perlite is highly acclaimed by “Mix Your Own” growers, as well as by professionals in a variety of construction trades.

Experience our unparalleled customer service, fueled by a network of 17 production facilities that provide readily available standard and custom perlite products throughout North America. 


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  • Contact: Dan Johnson
  • 1150 E Chicago Road, Quincy, MI 49082
  • Telephone: (517) 639-3115
  • Fax: (517) 639-4254
  • email: danjn@sungro.com
  • website: www.sungro.com