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2207 Forest Hills Drive,
Harrisburg, PA 17112
(717) 238-9723
or email: office@perlite.org


For all media inquiries,
please contact:
Communications Director
Phone: 717-238-9723
email: communications@perlite.org


September 23 – 26, 2018
Philadelphia, PA


The 2017 Annual Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary

The 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Portland, Oregon

In 2016, we met in Portland, Oregon

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain

We were in Barcelona, Spain for the 2015 Annual Meeting

The 2014 Annual Meeting was held in Park City, Utah

The 2014 Annual Meeting was held in Park City, Utah

Sydney, Australia

We met in Sydney, Australia
for the 2013 Annual Meeting.

New Orleans

In 2012 we met in
New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

paris conference 2011

We met in Paris in 2011.

Montreal Quebec

and Montreal in 2010.


Download and complete the membership form today and start enjoying the benefits of being part of the Perlite Institute. Learn more about the benefits of membership in the Perlite Institute on the Join Us! page. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at Perlite Institute headquarters: (717) 238-9723.

About the Perlite Institute

Members of the Perlite Institute work together to learn the most efficient and effective ways to produce market-ready perlite, to build awareness among target industries of perlite's incredible potential, and to research and then communicate the mineral's properties to end-users.

OUR History and Purpose  

The Perlite Institute was founded in 1949, a year in which it is estimated only 80,000 tons of perlite ore was mined throughout the world. The unusual properties and advantages of this virtually new material had been known for some time, yet recognition and acceptance was impeded due to a lack of reliable technical data, uniform commercial standards and sufficient public information.

What was needed was a coordinated effort, a continuing campaign to secure the future of the perlite industry—an industry of highly promising but largely unexploited potential. Miners of perlite ore and perlite expanders combined efforts and resources in order to help themselves individually. The Perlite Institute was founded.

Its most important task was to develop, through approved investigation and research, a greater technical and engineering knowledge of perlite and then to disseminate the information to its members, architects, engineers, landscapers and other users of the product.

The Institute's goal was to increase the public's awareness and knowledge of perlite through well-organized and effective programs of publicity and advertising. It would provide a forum for discussing common problems and creating solutions through cooperative thinking and effort. It would assist the perlite producer in marketing, sales promotion and sales training.

Finally, the Perlite Institute would act as headquarters for the industry by dispensing appropriate information, technical advice and guidance, as well as fostering a strong liaison with allied industries and associations. Responsibility for these tasks was vested in an elected Board of Directors and its staff. The voluntary contribution of the several Committees proved, from the very first, to be of greatest significance.

Today there are excellent prospects for steadily increasing perlite markets throughout the world. Perlite is being used in many applications, particularly in the construction, insulation, filtration, horticulture and industrial fields. The future continues to look promising for the worldwide perlite industry.

Core values of the Perlite Institute

  • Integrity is Our Guiding Principle
  • Volunteering is the Best Form of Leadership
  • Collaboration Generates Better Ideas


Since its establishment in 1949, the Perlite Institute has coordinated many research projects designed to develop new products, applications, marketing advantages and to generate information to ensure the continued growth of the industry.

Possibly no single company has the time or money to generate the bank of data that has been developed by the Institute. Through the coordinated resources of the membership, numerous accomplishments have been achieved for the benefit of the members.

The research and technical investigations of the Institute are formulated and directed by the various committees and are overseen by the Board of Directors. The administrative details of the work are directed by Institute staff personnel and by consultants engaged by the Institute.


Becoming a member is not a complicated process. Your company can be benefitting from full membership benefits in a matter of weeks after your initial steps. Complete membership information, including a list of the benefits and a downloadable PDF form are on the Join Us! page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at Perlite Institute headquarters: (717) 238-9723


Perlite Institute regularly schedules two face-to-face meetings, plus two additional Board conference calls, open to all members.

These meetings may be attended by all members of the Institute. The Institute's Annual Meeting is held every fall at various locations near members throughout the world. In addition to committee meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors, featured speakers are invited to make presentations. Plant tours or tours to perlite user facilities are often scheduled.

One of the most important benefits of these meetings is the opportunity to meet informally with perliters from around the world to discuss subjects of common interest.


All non-profit organizations rely heavily on its members to assist with activities that are identified as being important for the positive direction of the organization. We are working to develop active committees within the Perlite Institute and would like to ask you to volunteer your time and talent to the organization.

Committees typically meet by conference call and e-mail and call each other to communicate. The average amount of time committee involvement should take is 2-4 hours each month. The more volunteers we have on committees, the more successful we will be as an organization.

Please volunteer to serve on a Perlite Institute committee today! Just complete the linked form (PDF) and return it to the Perlite Institute office at the address printed on the form.

Board and hQ directors

Matthew Malaghan 
Ausperl Pty Limited 
64 Gow Street 
Padstow, NSW 2211 
Phone: +61 2 8318 7819 
Vice President
Anita Mulqueeny
Infigro Natural Technologies
CNR Cullinan and Turk Streets
Olifantsfontein, South Africa
Phone: (27) 11 409‐5000
Keith Hoople
Midwest Perlite, Inc.
4280 West Parkway Blvd.
Appleton, WI 54913
Phone: (920) 731-2671
Past President / Advisor
Linda Chirico
Carolina Perlite Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 158
Gold Hill, NC 28071
Phone: (704) 279-2325
Richard Barabe’
Perlite Canada
1775 52nd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8T 2Y1
Phone: (514) 631-4251
Sebastien Caspard
Imerys Performance & Filtration Minerals
154 Rue de l'Universite
Paris France75007
Phone: (33) 633 50 82 17
Michael Dunlavey
PVP Industries
P.O. Box 129
North Bloomfield OH 44450
Phone: (800) 255-4801
Matt Goecker
Dicalite Management Group
1 Bala Avenue, Suite 310
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Phone: (775) 287‐9796
Alan Kiraly
Supreme Perlite
4600 N. Suttle Road
Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 286‐4333
Konstantinos Mitsiou
Gulf Perlite, LLC
Techno Park, PO 263275
Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 (0)56 123 5248
Bernhard Neukam
Bublon GmbH
Grazer Strasse 19‐25
Gleisdorf, Styria 8200 Austria
Phone: 0043 664 5144 393
denise calabrese
Denise Calabrese Executive Director

lisa frye
Lisa M. Ruggiers
Associate Executive Director
angela burkett
Angela Burkett
Membership Director
courtney kuntz
Michelle Keyser
Director of Communications
jen cramer
Lori Zelesko
Events Director
Courtney Kuntz
Courtney Kuntz
Assistant Director of Communications
Sam Dougherty
Sam Dougherty
Communications Associate
jennifer swartz
Jennifer Swartz
Finance Administrator
leona wagner
Leona Wagner
Database Management Administrator
Jamie Hoffman
Jamie Hoffman
Event Specialist
Krista Olewine
Krista Olewine
Finance Specialist
chuck vogelsang
Joci Sykes
Office Specialist
ken weiner
Ken Wiener
Perlite Institute
HER Consultant
or ken_wiener
chuck vogelsang
Chuck Vogelsang
Technical Spokesperson


The European Perlite Association (EPA) is an organization of European perlite producers interested in developing standards and norms in cooperation with CEN. Membership is included as a part of the benefits of membership in the Perlite Institute.

Detailed information, standards, and activity occurring at CEN directly related to perlite can be found by logging into the site MEMBER AREA.