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September 23 – 26, 2018
Philadelphia, PA


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Members of the Perlite Institute work together to learn the most efficient and effective ways to produce market-ready perlite, to build awareness among target industries of of perlite's incredible potential, and to research and then communicate the mineral's properties to end-users.

Membership Benefits

Aside from helping to promote the use of perlite on a larger scale, the Perlite Institute provides member companies numerous benefits. Perlite Institute members can:

• Use the Perlite Institute logo on your marketing materials. The logo demonstrates to customers (in a wide variety of industries) your commitment to the highest quality and standards.

• Co-brand and use the informational material created by the Perlite Institute to distribute to your customers, such as product guides, safety tips, environmental research, etc. located in the members' resource library.

• Attend meetings (held annually around the world) designed for invaluable networking and business education.

• Receive regular communications from Perlite Institute staff and directors and stay informed about the Perlite Institute's activities, news from its members, and important perlite market developments.

• Gain insight into the projections of industry growth and trends through association with the group.

• Expect automatic membership in the European Perlite Association (for companies based in Europe).

• Share understanding and stay current of updates on standards and regulations, including ASTM, CEN and others.

• Take advantage of opportunities to build a network of contacts and share your expertise within the perlite industry itself by participating on one or more of the action committees that work to improve the market for perlite and the effective reach and utility of the consortium itself.

types of Membership

Regular membership is open to firms engaged in the expansion and sale of perlite products or involved in the mining, crushing and selling of perlite ore.

Regular membership is also open to companies actively producing or applying perlite products or engaged in the manufacture and sale of perlite expanding equipment.

Associate membership is defined as any individual, company, firm, corporation or other form of enterprise not otherwise eligible for “regular membership,” engaged in the manufacture or supply of products using perlite, or used in conjunction with mining or packaging of perlite or perlite products.

Educator membership is open to individuals who are currently studying as a fulltime graduate or undergraduate, or employed, at an accredited institution. The individual must provide documentation verifying engagement at the institution.

How to Join Us

Becoming a member is not a complicated process. Your company can be benefitting from full membership benefits in a matter of weeks after your initial steps.

To begin, simply click on this link to download the membership file or click here for the online membership application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at Perlite Institute headquarters: (717) 238-9723.


All non-profit organizations rely heavily on its members to assist with activities that are identified as being important for the positive direction of the organization. We are working to develop active committees within the Perlite Institute and would like to ask you to volunteer your time and talent to the organization.

Committees typically meet by conference call and e-mail and call each other to communicate. The average amount of time committee involvement should take is 2-4 hours each month. The more volunteers we have on committees, the more successful we will be as an organization.

Please volunteer to serve on a Perlite Institute committee today! Just complete the linked form (PDF) and return it to the Perlite Institute office at the address printed on the form.